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Trimmers Ice Cream Teams Up With FAST Motorsports!

Owners Jim & Jane Broadfield with FAST Motorsports driver Charles Neiss V (#27) after the Championship Demolition Derby at the Trumansburg Fair!

TRUMANSBURG, NY: On Sunday, August 28th, 2022, JM Motorsports Productions hosted the annual Championship Demolition Derby events at the Trumansburg Fair Grandstands!

Events went as follows:

QH1: 4-Cylander Cars

QH2: 4-Cylander Cars

QH3: 6-Cylander Cars

QH4: 8-Cylander Cars

Feature Event: Winner is claimed the 2022 Trumansburg Fair Demolition Derby Champion!

Trimmers Ice Cream teamed up with FAST Motorsports driver Charles Neiss V who ran in QH3 in the #27 V6 Toyota Camry! Neiss lasted all the way through the 6 minute event ending up as 1 out of 2 "EVENT WINNERS", after placing 4th in his heat the previous Tuesday evening! FAST Motorsports is proud of the hard work our driver and are so thankful for our fans and sponsors for the 2022 Demolition Derby Season!

Trimmers Ice Cream is super thrilled with FAST Motorsports and their crew to make such a great car and have us as a sponsor! We would like to extend the gratitude to Neiss for all the hard work and effort he displayed not only during Tuesday nights Demolition Derby Heat, but also during Sunday evenings Demolition Derby Heat! Thank you FAST Motorsports for allowing us to sponsor such hard work and great talent!

To learn more about FAST Motorsports visit

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